Best Mop for Tile Floors in 2021 [Reviews]

Out of all places where germs, bacteria, and God knows what other microorganisms dwell, the floors in our houses are surely one of the most plentiful, at least when it comes to our home grounds. (Various dumpsites would definitely beat that.)

Now, the trouble with these microscopic troublemakers is that they’re constantly multiplying and should you leave your house unattended for a couple of weeks, you’ll see a whole new ecosystem complete with fungi, mold, rats, and possibly even an opossum or two!

To battle this, us humans have been devised many different strategies over the centuries we’ve lived in enclosed spaces. So far, one of the best methods of keeping our houses clean has been a good ole mop.

Made up of practically of several pieces of cloth stuck to a stick, a typical mop can do wonders to swipe the smooth surfaces. (Of course, a bit of water and a deft set o’ hands are also required.) Whether it’s linoleum, wood, or tile, a swift mopping can turn a dirty, moldy, and bacteria-infested surface into a sparkling one in no time!

In this article, we’ll talk about mops that are used specifically in sweeping tile floors. As you will see, as simple as this household tool is, there are several varieties of the mop, so choosing the perfect one for a tile floor may save you a lot of effort.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into best mops for tile floors!

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Types of Mops

Depending on their use, mops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The materials they’re made out of, the texture of the fabric, as well as their water-retention capabilities all play a role in how well a certain type of mop will perform on different surfaces. Here are the five most common types of this universal cleaning tool:

  • Sponge Mop – As their name itself suggests, sponge mops represent a class of mop which uses a sponge as its cleaning end. Typically, the sponge will be removable for easier maintenance once you’ve done with your cleaning task. It should be noted that sponge mops need to be cleaned thoroughly after use because they tend to retain a lot of bacteria they’ve picked up during the cleaning.
  • Dust Mop – Made to be able to reach even the remotest parts of your house, dust mops typically feature a long handle and a flat head. These mops aren’t meant to be used with water or for cleaning wet surfaces. Instead, their main purpose is to remove the dust from the floor, walls, ceiling and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Flat Mop – Probably the most commonly-used type of cleaning utensils, flat mops closely resemble their dusting cousins from above. They have a flat head with a special pad which is typically removable, so they work well on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • Strip Mop – Build for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, strip mops are usually made out of tough materials which are able to handle wet surfaces with ease. Their edges are made to be rough, so scrubbing off stubborn pieces of junk of the floor with these is a piece of cake.
  • Steam Mop – Here, we have a different type of contraption. While largely maintaining the looks and the purpose of a regular mop, a steam mop is actually an electrically-powered cleaning device. It usually has an inbuilt water tank, as well as a heating element which turns it into steam. As the water heats up, the steam is blasted out of the mop onto the hardwood floor thus facilitating the cleaning process. Quite an invention, ey?

Mops for Tile Floors – Consideration Factors

While purchasing a mop isn’t necessarily going to set you back a fortune, there are still some things you might want to pay attention to lest you end up with a wrong type of cleaning utensil on your hands. In this section, we’ll point out some important mop characteristics you’ll want to take into account if you’re planning on buying a mop. Here they are:

Mop Construction

  • Looped-End Mop Heads – Beloved for its durability and effectiveness, the looped end mop heads have always been a popular ‘breed’ of mop attachments. Thanks to the tail band that keeps every string in place, you won’t have to worry about your mop unraveling mid-cleanup or otherwise disintegrating in water, for example.
  • Cut-End Mop Heads – These mop heads are the most commonly-found models out there.They’re typically less expensive than their looped end counterpart but are also more susceptible to wear and tear over time. Nevertheless, a cut end mop is certainly capable of cleaning up a surface quickly and effectively. (Even though their lifespan tends to be shorter.)

Types of Mop Yarn

  • Cotton – Commonly found at the end of mops of all shapes and sizes, cotton mop heads are relatively inexpensive and have excellent water absorption properties. They can soak an amount of water that’s two or even three times their weight, so if you’re dealing with a particularly wet floor, definitely go for a cotton mop head.
  • Microfiber – Durable and equipped with some rugged edges, microfiber mop heads are perfect for tackling tough stains on your floor which other materials couldn’t scrape off. Thanks to the friction the microfiber creates on the surface, you only need to sweep once or twice to make even the hardest of stains disappear.
  • Blends – As their name suggests, mop heads that are made out of a blend of different materials features all of their properties to an extent. These can be a great overall solution if you’re not sure what particular mop head version to go with.

Alright folks, now that we’ve acquainted ourselves with all these different types of mops and mop heads, let’s see what products are actually out there. To help you make your choice, we’ve compiled a list of ten different mops for tile floors, so that you can pick the one that suits your needs in the best way.

Here’s the list of 10 best mops for different purposes in 2021

1. Bissel – Power Fresh Steam Mop

Packing a powerful sanitizing punch and a kit made of pads suitable for different surfaces, the Bissell Power Fresh steam mop can be a mighty ally in your fight to keep the germs and bacteria off your floor. Thanks to its ability to spurt out a powerful haze of steam, this contraption can clean your tile surface and kill off any harmful microorganisms without using any chemicals!

About the only remotely artificial part of this cleaning process would be the scented discs you can insert in the mop pad. These are made to enhance the fragrance of your room as you clean its floor, so you don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals coming from that source. (After all, if you don’t like them, you don’t even have to use them.)

When it comes to the mechanics of this device, the deal is fairly straightforward. There are three available settings: low, medium, and high, so you can adjust the mop accordingly depending on the type of surface you’re working on. (Or, indeed, the severity of contamination, so to speak.)


  • Three steaming settings
  • Comes with a microfiber soft pad and a scrubby pad
  • Features spring breeze scented discs
  • Swivel steering


  • The mop head is a bit bulky so you may have trouble reaching certain spots

2. Bona – Spray Mop Premium

Featuring a relatively simple design (For a steam mop, at least.), the Bona Spray mop premium is a cleaning utensil that’s fairly easy to use and more importantly- it allows you to clean not only tile floors but a variety of other smooth floor surfaces.

One of its biggest strengths would be the exceptionally large base plate which allows it to cover a large surface when cleaning. What’s more, this new, enlarged mop head has been further enhanced with smooth edges, so you won’t risk damaging your household objects as you sweep around them!

As for its water tank, the folks at Bona decided to equip this particular model with a simple cartridge that detaches and re-attaches easily. Once it runs out of water, simply remove it from its base, fill it in, and you’re ready to roll!

The pad it comes with is made out of high-quality microfiber, so you won’t need to worry about it getting damaged or getting subject to wear and tear after only a couple of uses. The good thing about it, also, is that it’s machine-washable, so once you’re done using it, you can simply chuck it in your washing machine and let it do its magic!


  • Refillable cartridge
  • Durable mop that’s also machine-washable
  • A large mop head for covering a wider surface when cleaning


  • Some users have reported leakage problems with the tank (Make sure to secure it well after reattaching.)

3. SharkNinja – Steam Mop

With a company name such as ‘Shark Ninja’, there’s certainly no lack of creativity where this steam mop came from. Indeed, if you take a look at its design, you’ll see that it’s made to be both ergonomic in handling AND good-looking, so if you’d like your steam mop to have an appearance of a contraption from a sci-fi flick, you should definitely check out this model!

The handle offers a specially-designed soft grip, so your hand won’t tire while wielding it, even if you’ve been cleaning your house for hours. Also, this mop is pretty lightweight considering it’s got a water tank built into it, so moving it about won’t demand you to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger type of household cleaner.

As far as its working principle is concerned, the deal is quite straightforward. You push a button or two, wait for about 30 seconds et voila!- you’ll have scorching hot, bacteria-annihilating steam in no time! (Well, actually, in 30 seconds, but you catch our drift.) According to the manufacturers, this type of mop can kill up to 99% of microorganisms that can be found on your floor, so as sanitation part of the job is concerned, you’ll be well-covered with this model, alright.


  • Comes with 2 washable microfiber pads
  • The water heats up in just 30 seconds
  • Features a quick-release cord


  • Doesn’t work as well on surfaces other than tile

4. Temples Pride – Professional Microfiber Mop

On the third spot on our list, we’ve got a product that features no electrical parts- a common microfiber mop. That being said, this cleaning tool can still do one hell of a job sanitizing a polluted tile floor, so bear with us on this one.

While this particular product lacks in the department of steam cleaning, it certainly makes up for with its movability, the area it can cover, as well as the type of debris it can tackle. Namely, if you happen to own a pet, you’ll surely want a product that can get rid of hairs and other pieces of fur that are strewn all across your floor. (Unless you own a snake or an iguana.)

With its reusable dust mop set, the Temples Pride Professional Microfiber Mop will be able to tackle any and all fur ‘n’ hair problems with ease! Once you’ve completed the cleaning task, simply wash the mop off and you can reuse it later on again.


  • Pivoting head for easy maneuvering around furniture
  • Comes with friction resistant mops
  • Telescoping handle for saving space


  • The mop head sometimes swivels uncontrollably which can be annoying

5. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY – Steam Mop

With an appearance of a bulky vacuum cleaner and some pretty clever technological innovations ‘beneath the hood’, the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY steam mop can be a great solution for a tech junkie who also likes to take care of their delicate tile floor. (It works well for non-tech junkies, as well, for the record.)

Let’s begin by explaining the smart parts of this contraption. There’s this sensor, you see, that can automatically detect the type of floor beneath it, so it can adjust the level of heat and the amount of steam it lets out accordingly. This can be a great feature if you have several different types of flooring in your house or you work as a professional cleaner.

When it comes to its design, the folks at LIGHT ‘N’ EASY made sure to make their cleaning utensil useful around corners despite its bulky size. To achieve this, they built in a 360° swivel head which allows you to access corners quickly and easily!


  • Features a smart floor type-detecting sensor
  • It’s 360° swivel mop head allows you to access corners
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Washing the mopping cloth can be a bit difficult at times

6. SKG – Non-Chemical Steam Mop

If you fancy obtaining a cleaning utensil that looks as if someone stuck a flat iron to a pole and then added a weird triangular object at the bottom, for good measure, this SKG non-chemical steam mop is just the product for you!

As the name suggests, this device does not use any chemicals in the cleaning process nor does it require to be refilled with anything but normal tap water. (Or purified water, if you prefer.) Its superb cleaning results are solely thanks to the powerful steam jet which reportedly kills up to 99% of bacteria and other microorganisms that dwell on your floor.

Surely the greatest thing about this particular utensil is its remarkable versatility. Other than using it as a regular steam mop, you can also detach the flat iron-looking part, attach a hose to it (that you get as the part of the package), and then proceed to clean your walls, drapes, or whatever other vertical surfaces you like!

Also, the microfiber pads are washable and reusable, so you won’t need to buy a bunch of them every week or so.


  • The heating element has 1500 Watts of power
  • 100% Chemical-free
  • Comes with a host of accessories
  • There’s a 2-year warranty issued by the manufacturer


  • At times difficult to maneuver

7. Bissell – Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop

Representing the second model from Bissell on this list, the Power Fresh deluxe steam mop is a compact and simple-to-use device that can make your tile floor sparkling clean and fresh in just minutes! If there’s a sticky puddle in your kitchen, you can use the inbuilt brush to remove it.

The water tank is easy to refill (Just regular tap water will work just fine.), and to be precise while you’re at it, the folks at Bissell decided to include a measuring cup with the package, so you always know exactly how much you need to pour in!

The steam that comes out of the nozzle features two intensity settings: high or low, so you can choose between these two depending on what sort of mess you’re dealing with.

Since maneuvering between and around furniture represents one of the biggest challenges for a steam mop, the designers at Bissell figured it would be smart to make their mop head ‘swivel able’, so you can get to these hard-to-reach spots somewhat easier.


  • Comes with a measuring cup for accurate tank filling
  • You get two washable mop pads
  • Scented discs are included in the offer
  • Works on all hard floors


  • Some people might not like the fragrance of the scented discs

8. PurSteam World’s Best Steamers – Mop Cleaner ThermaPro

If some of the steam mops you saw earlier on this list dabbled into the area of ‘multi purposeness’, this very product from the PurSteam folks is sure to beat them all to a pulp! (In a metaphorical sense, of course.)

Within this rather bulky contraptions, the clever engineers at PurSteam managed to stuff a number of attachments which allow you to use this cleaning utensil in no less than 10 different ways. Quite impressive, indeed!

To start off, its mopping function’s been made to be quite straightforward. To tank it up, you only need to use tap water and once the tank is full, with a push of a button, you can render your steam mop ready to clean! (You do need to wait around 30 seconds for the heater to gets to the right temperature, but after that short period, you’re ready to roll.)

As we mentioned above, other than its main purpose, the Pur Steam mop cleaner has a couple of other uses in it, as well. For example, you can use it as a handheld carpet cleaner. It can also be used on furniture to the same effect.


  • Heats up in just 30 seconds
  • Does not use any harmful chemicals for cleaning
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • The swivel head can get stuck sometimes

9. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY – Steam Mop for Hardwood and Tile

Being the second entry on this list to come from the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY company, this steam mop possesses a rather similar set of features. It’s got a rectangular head which can be twisted into a triangle to fit to make it more suitable for accessing corners and tough spots.

What’s different about this particular model, however, would be the bendable handle which allows you to adjust it to three positions. Once you’ve set your handle to your liking, you access the tough-to-reach spots with ease. (For example, the areas beneath your table or other furniture.)


  • Uses no chemicals
  • Features a smart sensor which controls the steam burst automatically
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Cleaning up the mop pads can be a pain in the neck at times

10. Oshang – Flat Squeeze Mop and Bucket

Occupying the last spot on our list, the Oshang flat squeeze mop and a bucket is your standard mopping duo. This model features a lightweight construction (The mop does, not the bucket.), and it can be used both on dry and wet surfaces.

It comes with two types of microfiber mop pads- one is of ultra-fine build for smoother surfaces while the other one is made out of nylon and can be used to scrub off tough stains and sticky puddles of liquid.


  • A lightweight build of the mop
  • Comes with a bucket
  • Features two different types of mop pads


All things considered, whether you’d like to go for a steam mop or just a regular mop with a bucket, if you’ve got a tile floor to clean up, a mop is going to be the best weapon of choice. We hope our list helped you come to a decision and we wish you a happy and hassle-free purchase!