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Cleaning floors aren’t always a pleasant task, but it is essential to keep your floors in their best looks to give a pleasant feeling. When it comes to mopping the floor, a mop bucket with a wringer is an unavoidable component that makes your job easier and neater. You need to use the wringer on the bucket properly so that you don’t damage the mop.

When it comes to buying a mop bucket, there are a lot of choices before you. Commercial Mop Buckets are available in wide varieties, but their basic function remains the same. You need to consider the cost and your needs so that you don’t end up buying a costlier one that is more complex than your needs.

The more you clean your floor, the dirtier the bucket would be. So cleaning the bucket on a routine basis is also essential to keep the bacteria’s away.

Editor’s Recommendation: 3 Best Mop Bucket System

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mop Bucket

Quality of the wringer

Always check the quality of the wringer before purchasing a mop bucket. There are many varieties with better features to lessen your work. This is important when buying a Commercial Mop Bucket because you don’t need to do the job of the bucket. A good wringer will have a good operating mechanism so that you don’t need to apply much pressure. Also check the make of the wringer, choose less brittle materials like nylon based plastic.

Weight of the mop bucket

Best mop buckets would come in lightweight formulas so that it is easy to carry and move around. The cleaning system must be lightweight otherwise handling it would be difficult. Most of the buckets also have large handles that make it easy to lift them up.

Is it wide enough?

This is another important factor while selecting a mop bucket. It should be wide enough to accommodate all normal sized mops so that you need not buy an additional bucket. Most of the mop buckets comes in sizes appropriate for industrial sized mops.

Brake technology for the wheels

Some models come with a brake on the wheels so that you don’t have to push the mop bucket on walls while wringing. Only a few expensive models have these features, but that doesn’t determine the efficiency of the product.

Time needed for basic tasks

When buying commercial mop buckets, you need to be extra careful about the time it takes to perform basic tasks. The mop bucket cleaning system is designed to save your time, and if it takes more time than the conventional way, it is of no use. Choose one with functions that suit your needs that in turn can help in saving your time and energy.

Top 3 Best Microfiber Mop Recommendations

Although there are many scopes for your choices, but I recommend 3 best microfiber mop for money, quality and brand.

1. Genuine Joe GJO60466 Splash Guard Mop Bucket/Wringer, 6.50 gallon Capacity, Yellow

Genuine Joe GJO 60466 Splash Guard Mop

Genuine Joe GJO60466 Splash Guard Mop Bucket/Wringer is a solution for your tough mopping jobs with a splash guard mop bucket and wringer combination. This mop bucket system simplifies your life and is a real time saver.

Moving from one place to another is easy with rolling casters. Sturdy construction ensures quality and makes the product durable if maintained properly. The wringer arm is made of good quality metal, and it makes it easy to lift the bucket. The wringer comes in a durable nylon based plastic. It is easy to assemble and maintain.

You will find it is comfortable to work with and has a very manageable size; it won’t scare you as monster ones you see it in the store. The product is absolutely useful for senior citizens who find it difficult to work with hands. Being a compact and lightweight product, lifting this mop bucket is also not a tedious task. You can also remove the wringer part to make it lighter, and this makes it easy enough to lift it up. You can easily slide up the wringer part out of its grooves.

Features at a glance

  • 3-inch non-marking casters.
  • Splash guard system.

2. O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System

spin mop and bucket

The O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System is having an aluminum telescopic handle and a washable microfiber triangular mop. The wringing mechanism is foot pedal activated and hence is convenient to use. The product has a bucket, a handle, and a microfiber mop cloth. When comparing to the contemporary models, this mop doesn’t create disturbing noise and hence is very comfortable to operate. If the mop is positioned properly before spinning, as per the owner’s manual, you will have an absolute noiseless operation.

The mop fiber is extremely durable and doesn’t shed often and doesn’t retain odors like other models. As the system keeps the mop almost dry in nature, it keeps only the minimum amount of water on the floor required to clean the floor. This will help the floor dry more quickly than the conventional mopping systems.

If you are planning to buy a mop system, the O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System is what you can consider as it is easy to use and sufficient for all the mopping tasks. It is ideal for cleaning hard floors, and you can work with ease without even bending down.

Features at a glance

  • Adjustable handle to different heights.
  • Easy wring spin mop.
  • Sizable deep cleaning microfiber.
  • Three section handle.

3. Rubbermaid Commercial WaveBrake Mopping System Bucket and Side-Press Wringer Combo

rubbermaid wavebrake mop bucket

The Rubbermaid Commercial FG758088YEL WaveBreak Side Press Combo is the leading product when it comes to hard floor cleaning. It features smooth and easy to clean surfaces. The 3 in one caster is made of plastic that is mark-free and rust-free. The side press wringer is a highly efficient cleaning unit. The mop is one of the high-end cleaning bucket system showcasing greater performance.

If you ever buy this product, you will never switch to another mop bucket and will use it for a long time. Thanks to its efficiency and durability that are considered as the hallmark featured of the product. Its wheels are made of hard rubber material, and they slide very smoothly so you would never have a “bad wheel day” even after a prolonged usage. The mop has the ability to cover a large space effortlessly and delivers quality cleaning.

Storage is sometimes a big issue for small families who has limited space in their apartments. Since this is a very compact model, storing the mop system won’t be an issue at all. Rubbermaid’s WaveBreak Mopping System handles all major cleaning tasks with ease. The very famous wave brake technology is being used in this product to resist the splashing up disturbances that are very common in conventional mopping systems.

Features at a glance

  • Full-size side and down press wringer.
  • Built-in lift handles.
  • Wave brake.
  • Lock ‘N Go Technology

Advantages of Microfiber Mop

Microfiber technology is the most significant innovation in the cleaning industry during the last century. The abrasiveness of microfiber cleans dirt out of all surfaces and preserves environmental resources by reducing their contribution to the waste stream.

You would never have to look back after you start to use a microfiber mop. Here are the few advantages of using them.

There are ample of advantages of using such kind of mops. Read the following to understand the benefits of using the best microfiber mop :

    • Versatile: They are excellent for wet mopping use and dry dusting. You can use the same pad for both the purposes.
    • Infection control: Using microfiber mop cleaning in hospitals and health care unit can help with infection control. With conventional loop mops, cleaners have to change the mops and water to avoid the spread of infection. Using microfiber mops avoids the problem and ensures infection control.
    • Enhanced cleaning capacity: The microfiber mop is highly efficient in cleaning rough surface, and it has the ability to reach the surface pores and ensure deep cleaning. They are best suited for laminate floors also.
    • Cost savings: Although the initial cost for a microfiber mop can be high, in the long run, they help to save a lot of money. This is because they use less water and chemicals and thereby increases productivity with less cost.

Mop bucket systems have their own advantages over conventional cleaning and here are some recommendations if you are about to buy one.

When and why to use them?

A mop bucket is a part of mop cleaning system that is basically a bucket with wheels that allows users to wring out wet mops without getting yourself dirty. It also saves you from the effort of wringing the mop by hand. They come in different sizes, and their complexities would also be different. Usually, they consist of two buckets, a lower and an upper one. The upper buckets act as a storage place for the wet mop, and the lower one is used to collect dirty water. In some models, there would be a separate lower bucket to collect dirty water and one bucket to fill the cleaning solution.


If you got tired wringing out mop with your hands, switch to a mop bucket system with a wringer. Although most of the mop systems are commercial grade, they fit well for domestic purposes too. With an appropriate mop bucket system that suits your needs, you can enjoy an efficient cleaning experience without being messy. Always avoid twisting the mop while it is in the wringer. This causes the strings to get loosened up and reduces the efficiency. Best mop buckets are the not the expensive ones having high-end functionalities, but it is the one that is more than enough for all your cleaning needs.

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