3 Best Spin Mops & Bucket System Reviews


Tired of searching for the best spin mop? Look not beyond, you are at the right place.

We at Mopcenter.net have come up with the right solution for your spin mop requirements. After careful analysis of the tall claims argued by many companies, we have spent time and energy on each product to find out the best suitable spin mops for your daily requirements. You can find the comparison table provided along with this review that will help you to take a final call on the right spin mop most suitable to your requirements.

Editor’s Recommendation: 3 Best Spin Mop

Why do we consider Spin Mop is the best Cleaning Assistant?

Do you think you can put the blame on someone else if you feel sick of cleaning the floor daily? We have a good solution for all your sundry floor cleaning issues! Try Spin Mop, it is the Best Cleaning Assistant.

Know the fact that home is the only one place people can identify your personality without interacting with you. So how do you make this happen, use the best spin mop!

Spin Mops are quite different from the conventional bucket and mop cleaning system. The spin mop will have a built-in wringer fitted in the bucket and squeezing is done by a foot pedal operation or hand governor provided on the handle of the mop. The telescopic adjustable robust handle can be adjusted as per your required length!

The spin mops are light, and it can be carried with one hand. Since it is compact in size, it won’t consume much space for storing. Most of the spin mops are fitted with microfiber strings which has an amazing quality to absorb dirt and remove those junks with much ease.

If you have the right choice of Spin Mop at home, you can have a shining, sparkling floor by effortless cleaning.

There are quite a lot of Spin Mops available on the market. Making a selection out of the crowded mop market would be very difficult and a boring job. But we have made things easy for you. You may read through the spin mop reviews and decide yourself the best suitable Spin Mop for your requirements.

Wet MopWet mop is also called as moist mop that is used for cleaning floor surface. It is used to run over the surface of the floor, and the mop absorbs or dissolves the contaminations.

Sponge Mop– Sponge mops are typically wet mops with a sponge as the absorbent. But it is also used as a dry mop. Comparing to string mop it clear less dirt because string mops can cover large area due to its special string design features.

Swiffer Mop– This is a perfect cleaning mop can be used for light cleaning jobs. There are mops with scrubs that can be used exclusively to remove thick/strong stains. But Swiffer Mops are used to clean light dirt as the mop is not equipped to handle heavy duty cleaning. These mops are multipurpose, washable and re-usable.

Dry Mop– As the name suggests, Dry Mops are dry swab use to clean floor or any surfaces. It can be used to clean floor, ceiling, furniture, dry walls or even courtyard. These mops are very much useful for removing dust from the corners of the rooms.

Steam mops are used with steam to clean the floor or any cleaning surfaces. The required steam is generated by electric power, or gas and water is converted to steam and is used for cleaning. It will take much more time to clean the floor, but the floors will be sparkling clean. These spin mops should not be used on wooden floors and furniture.

Spin Mop and its advantages

Spin Mops are fabulous cleaning equipment that will let you clean the floors resulting shining and sparkling surface. You will have complete satisfaction after experiencing its amazing cleaning abilities. Let us have a glimpse here what are the advantages of Spin Mops!

  • The minimum manual effort is required for cleaning.
  • Floors are cleaned better than any other types of mops.
  • No floor texture damages experienced.
  • Low consumption of water.
  • Lightweight and can easily portable to any location.
  • Economically priced and durable.

Having done thorough analysis on various best Spin Mops available in the market and checking their features, I have selected 3 outstanding Spin Mops for you priced under $100. These brands are truly worth the cost with excellent quality and performance.

1. Twist and Shout Mop the latest 2015 model -The award-winning Spin Mop model!

Looking for the best spin mop? Your search will end up while seeing this wonderful Twist and Shout Mop. The main attraction of the mop is its spinning feature. When you put the wet mop in the spinner, the unit wrings the mop!

The mop has no foot pedal. Instead, it has a governor on the handle to govern the spinning feature of the mop! In the event, if you want to use the mop with little wet, you can do so by the spin control lever.

Twist and Shout Mop is the top selling best spin mop brand product available in the market. The wheeled buckets are lightweight and easy to push and pull. The 14” diameter microfiber head is sufficient enough to clean a standard room floor. It’s 360 degrees swivel mop head is very helpful in cleaning tight corners. The mop also can be used to scour dust and normal dry cleaning.

This spin mop is supported with one year manufacturer’s guarantee and sold with one month no question return policy!


  • Mop is made of high-quality, durable material.
  • No foot pedal, the hand push drive makes cleaning easy.
  • Gear housing is made of Die-Cast Aluminum, gives durability.
  • Easy for cleaning and grout removal.
  • High-speed oscillations, 21,000 per minute.


  • The mop head is small in size.
  • While spinning water sprinkles out.

2. O’Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop – the revolutionary Spin Mop. No more scrubbing

The O’Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop is made of a heavy plastic material and is equipped with a bucket and a built-in wringer. The wringer is operated by foot pedal allows you to control the water content on the mop. The triangle mop head is fitted with microfibers that have amazing cleaning and absorbent qualities.

The splash guard design on the bucket prevents the possibility of splashing water when doing the wringing. The user has just to maintain the water level in the bucket as per the given marking to avoid water splashing out.

The microfiber heads are washable, and refills are easily available. The robust telescopic aluminum handles can be extended up to 48 inches and can be collapsed easily for storing purpose.

The mop can be used on all types of floors. Since the mop handle can be adjusted according to your height, you don’t have to bend all the way while doing the floor cleaning! It’s cleaning efficiency is widely acclaimed by the users and hence is considered as the best spin mop available in the market.


  • High-speed oscillations, 21000 per minute.
  • Durability and safety are assured by Di-Cast Aluminum Gear Housing.
  • Easy for grout removal and repair.
  • Microfiber strings with great absorbent qualities.


  • No accessories and attachments.
  • Only genuine oscillating tool accessories can be used.

3. The Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop – your trusted sparkling cleaner!

The Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop by Mopnado offer 360-degree full circle wet spin! The mops fiber edge is designed in such a way spin in the water reservoir of the bucket and carry enough moisture to mop the floor. The hand free wringing system is fitted with the bucket and does the wringing much faster! This is a deluxe model spin mop, fitted with large microfiber strings with greater absorbent and cleaning abilities. It can clean any kind of heavy stained floor areas.

The large telescopic adjustable steel handle makes mopping an easy job and especially for tall people, this will be a great relief as they don’t have to bend too much while moping. The unique microfiber strands can be used either as a dry or wet mop.

The mop is lightweight, so it is very easy to handle. Also, the 180-degree swivel mop head lets you clean every corner of the floor with ease. The spin mop is supported with one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Higher speed of oscillations, 21,000 per minute.
  • Durability and safety are assured by making gear housing with Die-Cast Aluminum.
  • Easy to store since it is small in size.
  • Easy to use, no prior experience is required.


  • The bucket is bit large and hence loaded with water may feel heavy.
  • Some people feel that the head size is too small.

Follow the tips to select the perfect Spin Mop

How do you select the perfect Spin Mop? This question can be rightly answered if you are sure about the area where you are going to use the Spin Mop. Depending on the floor surface, the performance of the Spin Mop also would vary. Hence, you need to be careful about your requirements and make sure before you take a decision. Here with I am appended ten simple tips that can help you to select the best suitable Spin Mop that can satisfy your requirements.

  • The cleaning ability of the mop on various surfaces has to be checked.
  • Make sure whether you want to use the mop as a dry floor cleaner or wet cleaner? The cleaning pads used on flat mops need to be disposed of after the use.
  • What type of fiber is required for the mop? Whether you need a microfiber pad type or yacht type fiber mop?
  • Whether you need a washable mop pad or disposable wash pad?
  • What types of fiber cleaning are you preferred? Will you go for wringing style or centrifugal force fiber cleaning?
  • Do you need a 360-degree swivel cleaning head or 180 degrees swivel cleaning head?
  • Do you need an anti-splash feature in the bucket to make sure that what does not splash out during spinning?
  • Why do you want to use the mop? Whether you want to use it on a large floor area and also for deep cleaning?
  • Do you want to use any accessories for the cleaning?
  • What is your budget?


It is true that you will get confused when you go for Spin Mop shopping. How well prepared, something beyond your calculation will pop up in the showrooms and naturally you will get confused. The best mechanism to stay away from getting seduced is to get focused on the intention of your purchase and your budget.

Cleaning is an important process and is the area that you need to give maximum priority. Daily vacuum cleaning or power cleaning are practically not possible and hence the best process that you can apply is the bucket and mop system. So, if you can have a mop with robust spin features and excellent microfibers that can absorb more dust and feculence that will be the best Spin Mop for you. Therefore, you may select a mop that can meet your requirements rather than buying a costly mop or a fancy mop. After all in cleaning, the result matters the most. A clean interior will certainly radiate your personality.

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