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Hello, and welcome to Mop Center! We strive to be the number one spot on the web for everything to do with mops, floor cleaning topics, and keeping your floors and homes as clean as possible. 

Humans are dirty creatures. There, I said it. We are. Fortunately, however, we are biologically engineered to not only enjoy a clean environment but also to learn how to effectively clean. And of all the places where germs and bacteria reside, the floors in our homes are some of the worst. 

For most of us, at least those of us who have learned the best ways to clean our floors, cleaning the floor is the last thing we do after the rest of the house is clean. This is because it just makes sense to move from top to bottom. If you clean the floors first and then cleaned everything else, you’re likely going to have dust and grime falling to the floor. Essentially,  you’ll end up cleaning your floors twice. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of mop options on the market. How do you choose when you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice? If you’re here on our site, you don’t have to suffer from analysis paralysis. We sort through all the noise for you and review the most popular mopping solutions on the planet. 

Whether you’re just cleaning up spills or applying fresh coats of wax to your floors, different tasks require different tools. You may even be overwhelmed by the terminology. For example, what’s yarn ply? And exactly what’s the difference between a cut-end mop and a looped-end mop? We cover it all so that you can make Mop Center your go-to spot for everything to do with cleaning your floors. 

But here at Mop Center, we go over so much more than just mops. We want to help you find the best recipes for homemade floor cleaners, buy the most cost-effective microfiber cloths, clean your home as naturally as possible, and more. 

We love to hear from our readers. If you have content suggestions or want a particular product reviewed, email one of our editors or drop us a comment on one of our articles. We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the Team

Chief Editor – Shelley Benson

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It didn’t take long for my love of writing to evolve into a love of technical writing. Working here at Mop Center is a dream job for me. What could possibly be more rewarding than helping people live better lives in their homes with their families? Contact me at sbenson@mopcenter.net

Junior Editor – Travis Simmons

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Yes, that’s right. It’s fun to be organized and productive. After getting a degree in business writing in college, I came to work here at Mop Center. I hope to help others find the joy in keeping their homes clean and sitting back at the end of a long day knowing you did the job well. Contact me tsimmons@mopcenter.net

Former Maid – Ashlee Whitney

A lot of people think this is nuts, but I’m a person who loves to clean. The reason for this is that I delight in a beautiful sparkling clean floor. I like to walk across a floor barefoot and feel nothing but the smoothness of the floor.
You can contact me at awhitney@mopcenter.net