5 Best Limescale Removers in 2021 [Reviews]


Any given thing in any given home can get damp. This fact is indisputable.

When things get damp in the house, it can cause the buildup of certain residue that can cause things in your home to break down, one of these being appliances.

The one form of residue that can build up and lead to appliances breaking down or being less than functional is limescale.

Limescale is build up from most, damp areas that naturally get this way because of the tight and stationary spaces they are in, as well as the solutions that they use.

Good examples of these are dishwashers and clothes cleaning machines. These machines use a lot of water, and if the water in them stands for too long, it will start this buildup process.

Fortunately, there exist things that can prevent this process, and can also prevent you from having to replace whatever cleaning appliance you think has malfunctioned.

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Limescale Removers: a Buying Guide

You need to first detect how your cleaning appliance is breaking down or malfunctioning. While this could be from a buildup of limescale, it can also be from a buildup of something else.

How do you know if it is limescale that is responsible for the malfunction of your cleaning appliance? First, you should be able to detect limescale itself. Limescale is a whitish buildup that develops from the degradation of soap which can create other bacterial residues to form around it, feeding off the limescale.

If there is limescale surrounding something a fan, fuse, circuit, or something else that is crucial to your appliance, then it may be responsible for the appliance malfunctioning.

When choosing a limescale remover, you should determine if the remover only needs to be used once or if it needs to be used regularly. Your goal, of course, should be to get rid of the limescale that is affecting your appliance permanently.

To do this, you need a strategy, and knowing what limescale remover works instantly and which limescale remover works overtime is part of this strategy.

Moving on, here are five limescale removers that you should keep an eye on.

Top 5 Limescale Remover

1. Eco-Friendly hard water stain remover by Bio Clean

Bioclean Hard Water Stain Remover 20.3 oz
  • PROFESSIONAL HARD WATER STAIN REMOVER: Get the powerful industrial and commercial strength that takes stains, spots, and rust out! Remove years of unwanted hard minerals

It can be difficult to find an effective limescale remover that also does not use a bunch of chemicals from resources that were stolen from the planet, but Bio Clean has come up with a limescale remover that is, in fact, Eco-friendly.

This is a nice breath of fresh air, and it makes Bio Clean’s limescale remover stand out in a very positive way.

If you are not dealing with any critical limescale issues and are only dealing with small limescale stains created by hard water, Bio Clean’s limescale remover is optimal. Packed into a bottle and arriving with drill brushes and cleaning cloths, Bio Clean’s limescale remover can easily remove hard water and limescale spots for nearly every surface.

Will Bio Clean’s limescale remover work on appliances that have been affected by limescale? If you possess the proper drill for the drill brush, it is possible, but in most other cases it will probably be an exercise in futility. Bio Clean’s limescale remover is just not powerful enough to eliminate solid limescale buildup.

If you are looking for something that can easily clean small limescale buildup spots, go with Bio Clean. But if you are looking for something more heavy-duty, you will need to look elsewhere.

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2. Bathroom cleaner spray by Lime-A-Way

Lime-A-Way Lime Calcium Rust Cleaner, 22 oz (Pack of 2)
  • Lime-A-Way cleaner with Turbo Power destroys Lime, Calcium & Rust.
  • Removes the toughest limescale in seconds without scrubbing!

The most common forms of residue that are found in a bathroom are calcium, lime, and rust. These deposits are naturally left by standing soap and water.

While all purpose cleaners can eliminate these deposits, they do not permanently eliminate these deposits. Lime-A-Way’s bathroom cleaner not only removes calcium, lime, and rust residue, but it also contains the same kind of cleaning properties of any given all-purpose cleaner.

Different than other limescale removers that can get complicated to use, Lime-A-Way is virtually the same as an all-purpose cleaner in that it you can just spray it on what you need to spray it on to remove the residue that you want to remove. But in many cases, scrubbing will not even be necessary.

Like with many limescale removers of its type, Lime-A-Way is not designed for eliminating significant calcium or lime deposits. If you have encountered calcium or lime deposits that are affecting the way your appliances work, you will likely need to switch to something different.

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3. Viakal Limescale Remover Spray – (500ml)

Viakal Limescale Remover Spray - (500ml)
  • Viakal removes hard water marks & dissolves limescale.
  • Its formula helps avoid watermarks & prevent limescale return while respecting your surfaces.

One of the reasons why people are so apprehensive to using limescale removers is that they do not like the process of applying sachets or applying solution onto a cloth and then scrubbing, or any other kind of method that is used for limescale removers.

Some just want to use a spray bottle, so if you would rather have your limescale remover to be in a spray bottle, Hagesan’s limescale remover is perfect for you.

Because using this is similar to using any given glass, hard surface, or all purpose spray, it can remove any of those three.

Viakal limescale remover is much stronger than it used to be, and in most cases, just spraying any surface that contains limescale will eliminate it without the need to scrub anything.

If you want a that will eliminate strong buildups of limescale and other deposits and residue, you will probably need to choose something else.
Viakal limescale remover just is not strong enough to eliminate some of the nastier limescale deposits.

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4. Limescale and detergent remover for washing machines and dishwashers

Limescale & Detergent Remover for Washing Machines & Dishwashers 10 Applications, 10 months supply.
  • Limescale and detergent remover for both hard water and soft water areas.
  • This can fit washing machines sold by different manufacturers and brands.

Some limescale removers rely on your appliance to be a certain make and model, with its sachets only working on said make or model. This can be very frustrating and can lead to a near endless search for a limescale remover that does work for your make and model of appliance.

The sachets of Generic are to be applied monthly giving you plenty of time to track the source of the limescale buildup and do something about it, whether that is save up for a new appliance or removing even more of the limescale to ensure that limescale is not affecting your appliance again.

Something that needs to be addressed with Generic limescale remover is that because it is not specific to a certain make and model of appliance, it may not be as strong in removing limescale as those that are specific to the make and model.

Be very aware of this if you decide to use it. If you have major limescale issues, you may just need to hunt down a remover that is specific to the make and model of your appliance.

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5. Professional limescale remover by HG

When it comes to cleaning products, the term “industrial strength” gets thrown around a lot, often to the point where the term is cheapened. After all, even all purpose cleaner sold at dollar stores are labeled as “industrial strength.”

So when HG calls their limescale remover “professional,” there has to be some skepticism. Is it really that powerful?

The answer to this question is yes and no. It is capable of removing persistent limescale deposits, rust stains, yellow stains and copper oxide that even the strongest all purpose cleaners cannot remove. So when it comes to removing deep surface stains, HG’s remover is very effective.

Simply put, HG’s limescale remover will decisively remove any kind of residue on the surface. If your bathroom contains a lot of calcium deposits, grout, and soap scum, HG’s limescale remover will remove it instantly.

Can HG’s limescale remover eliminate hardened limescale deposits that have prevented appliances from operating? It’s possible, but not likely. When it comes to limescale that has essentially petrified some of the moving parts of appliances, you will need to choose something else.

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Dealing with lime, calcium, and rust buildup can be very stressful. It can even be inconvenient if the buildup is located inside the necessary components of a cleaning appliance, which is surprisingly common.

This kind of residue, especially lime residue, is caused by buildup of stagnant water and soap. While it is very difficult to micromanage, it is also easy to contain. If you regularly scrub any area that you find lime residue on, you’ll prevent more serious buildups.

In the case where you are faced with something that has been affected by limescale so much that it crystallizes, there are still solutions. These solutions may be a bit more complicated than just simply scrubbing down a calcium or lime deposit with a simple limescale remover, but it is possible.

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