Best Shark Steam Mop Pads: Honest Reviews And A Buyer’s Guide 2022


Who doesn’t hate the feeling when you’ve had a really long day, you finally get home, and realize that you have some cleaning to do?

Mopping is pretty much the last thing anyone wants to do when resting and relaxing are both an option. 

Unfortunately, some things in life cannot be averted, and the time will come when we all have to pick up the mop. The upside? If you own a Shark steam mop, the whole experience is suddenly a breeze. Whether you already own Shark steam mops or you’re waiting for yours to arrive, do you know what else you’re going to need? Replacement for Shark steam mop pads! 

Picking the best replacement might seem like a hassle, but we’re here to make sure even that part of cleaning gets easier for you. Keep reading to learn all about the best Shark steam mop pads!

What Are Shark Steam Mops And Why Are They So Good?

Shark microfiber steam mops are efficient cleaners that dispose of all kinds of messes safely and thoroughly. Using high-temperature steam ensures that 99.9% of all germs are destroyed during the cleaning process. Not only that, but steam alone is powerful enough to clean most surfaces and remove even old, built-up grime. 

As your Shark microfiber steam mop operates on steam, you usually won’t be required to use any kind of cleaning product. The controlled steam and the soft mop pad is enough!

Shark Steam Mop Pads

Shark microfiber steam mop comes with two steam mop replacement pads included. These pads are machine-washable, and thus, they can be re-used. However, as the mop pads are remarkably soft and gentle (so as to be safe for all surfaces), they will not last forever. Wear and tear is a normal thing with most products and this is no exception. That is why microfiber mop pads for Shark Steam or Shark Genius Steam all need to go through pad replacement eventually.

Even the most efficient and powerful mops have mop pads that eventually need to be replaced. Fortunately, there are many variants to choose from. You may find yourself liking the replacement steam mop pads more than you liked the ones that came with your mop!

Below, we will talk about Shark steam mop pads in-depth and tell you our favorite picks.

Best Shark Steam Mop Pads On The Market

As you’re fully equipped with the knowledge on how to identify the greatest Shark steam mop pads on the market, it’s time to show you our recommendations! Check out the reviews below for more information.

Flammi 4 Pack Replacement Washable Microfiber Mop Pads

Flammi Steam Mop Replacement Pads for Shark S3500 Series S3501 S3601 S3550 S3901 SE450 S3801CO S3601D S2901 S2902 Steam Pocket Mop, 4 Pack

Flammi makes products that perfectly supplement many cleaning appliances, the Shark steam mop included. This is a set of 4 replacement pads for the Shark that is remarkably versatile and fits over a dozen different models.

Compared to the generic pads your Shark came with, these might actually be an upgrade. The pads are double-side microfiber thick nap pads. This means that they’re strong enough to help you clean even long built-up grime. At the same time, due to the use of gentle microfiber, they’re safe to use even on delicate hard flooring.

As Flammi utilizes the sandwich mesh lining technology, the steam from your Shark is released easily without a hitch. This helps ensure that you will be able to get rid of just about any dirt and sticky messes.

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  • Machine-washable for repeated use
  • You can mop hard floor with them
  • Thick, double-sided washable microfiber
  • Strong dirt grip pad replacement for your steam cleaner


  • Repeated washing makes it a tight fit

Rongebyuan Shark Steam Mop Pads

Rongbenyuan Steam Mop Pads 2pk for Shark Steam Mop S1000 S1000A S1000C S1000WM S1001C

Made to fit the Shark S1000, Shark S1000A, S1000C, S1000WM, and S1001C, these replacement mop pads are some of the best Shark steam mop pads for the Shark Series S1000.

They are entirely reusable and made out of washable microfiber, which means that they will serve you well until it’s time to buy a new pack. These mop pads for Shark steam cleaner & vacuum cleaners absorb water and protect your hard floor in the process.

These pads are highly absorbent and can be used with sticky or wet messes without any issues. Use them on your wooden floor, ceramic tile, laminate floor, marble, and even carpet.

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  • Versatile — can be used on hard floors & carpet
  • Anti-scratch design protects your floor
  • Suited for many Shark S1000 models


  • Doesn’t fit Sharks that are not S1000 series

Flammi 4-Pack Mop Pad for Shark Steam & Spray Mop

Flammi Steam Mop Pads for Shark SK410 SK435CO S1000 S1000A SK460 SK140 SK141 S3101 S3250 S3251 Steam Mop Replacement Pads, 4 Pack

When shopping for replacement steam mop pads, you want something strong but delicate, absorbent but not too dry, and most of all, something durable. These pads by Flammi meet all of those requirements and then some.

Made out of special dirt-gripping microfiber, these mop pads deliver some of the best water absorptions out there. You don’t have to wait for the mess to dry — simply use your steam & spray mop right away to get rid of it.

If you’ve previously struggled with putting on a new mop head, worry no more. Flammi improved the design in these mop pads to ensure that putting them on and off is going to be as easy as it gets.

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  • Compatible with several Shark models, from S3101 to SS460WM
  • Quick-dry & strong water absorption
  • Easy to use and remove


  • They only get softer after a wash in the washing machine

Fushing 7Pcs Steam Mop Pads

Fushing 7Pcs Steam Mop Pads, Washable Microfiber Cleaning Steamer Replacement Pads for Shark Steam & Spray Mop S3101 S3251 SK460 SK410 S3101n2 S3250 SK435CO SK140 SK141,White

If you’re looking to stock up for a while, this pack of 7 white microfiber cleaning pads is going to get you a long way. Depending on how often you swap the mop head, you may only need to buy these once a year.

Despite the use of high-temperature steam, these mop pads do not fade or break down over time. They’re gentle to your floors but sturdy in their performance, ensuring grime-free floors & a total removal of germs.

Fushing mop pads are machine-washable and reusable. You can tumble dry or line dry them without any problems.

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  • Huge pack of replacement Shark steam mop pads
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • Sturdy construction ensures a long lifespan


  • They’re not quite as thick as original Shark pads

Washable Microfiber Cleaning Mop Pads

Washable Microfiber Pads Cleaning Mop Pads for Shark Steam Mop Pocket Microfiber Pads for S3500 Series, S3601 and S3901 (2 Packs, White)

Looking for a quick replacement for the next few months? Then perhaps this pack of 2 Shark steam mop pads will suffice. This is an extremely affordable option that will still clean your floors efficiently & with ease.

Other than fitting many models of the Shark mop, these are versatile when it comes to flooring. You can use them on both smooth & sealed floors, including ceramic tile, marble floors, laminate floors, and wooden floors.

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  • Great mop for the kitchen, bathroom, hall, and the entire home
  • Easy to put on
  • Super-cheap


  • Not quite as sturdy as original Shark pads

BIHARNT 2-Pack Replacement Steaming Mop Pads

BIHARNT 2 Pack Replacement Steaming Mop Pads for Shark Lift-Away & Genius Steam Mop S3973 S5004Q S3973D S5001 S5002 S5003 S5003D S6001 S6002 S6003 Part # XTP184 & P184WQ

If you don’t mind spending a little more, a small extra expense goes a long way in bringing you the same quality that Shark pads provide. This pack of two BIHRANT replacement steaming mop pads is high-quality & matches many models of the Shark.

These microfiber mop pads have a fun pattern that distinguishes them from other models. Most replacement mop pads are all white, so these will stand out from your current ones. That makes it easy to set them apart if you want to have several pads in rotation all at once.

BIHARNT pads provide double-sided cleaning and enough strength to deal even with tough stains. They last up to 20 washes on a regular cleaning cycle.

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  • Durable – 20 washes or more on a regular cleaning cycle
  • Dual-sided cleaning
  • Soft and thick pads


  • They get stained over time

Extolife 10-Pack Steam Mop Pads

Extolife 10 Pack Steam Mop Pads Replacement Compatible with Shark Steam Mop S1000 S1000A S1000C S1000WM S1001C Vacuum Cleaners Fit for P1000C5 Rectangle Dirt Grip Washable Pads

Stocking up? By buying this inexpensive pack of 10 steam mop pads, you’re sorted for many months! Considering that with normal use, you’ll be changing mop pads once every 2-4 months, this pack is going to last you a long time.

These Extolife mop pads work with many models of the Shark steam mop. They’re made out of strong, yet soft microfiber. This ensures that the steam flows freely through the fabric and, combined with the cleaning properties of the pads, breaks through all kinds of grime.

Use Extolife replacement pads for Shark steam on marble, tile, laminate, and wooden floors. Even if you’re dealing with a spill, the strong water absorption properties woven into these pads will ensure that it’s all going to be smooth sailing.

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  • Reusable & durable pads that will last for over a year
  • Increased water absorption
  • The design improves the efficiency of your Shark mop


  • They are difficult to get stains out of

Tidy Monster 4-Pack Microfiber Steam Mop Pads

Tidy Monster 4 Pack Microfiber Steam Mop Replacement Pads for Shark Steam Pocket Mops S3500 Series S3501 S3601 S3550 S3901 S3801 SE450 S3801CO S3601D, Machine Washable Easy Cleaning Pads

If your Steam pocket mop is due for a replacement pad, you likely want cleaning pads that are as close to the real thing as possible. Tidy Monster provides mop a replacement for Shark steam mops that will fit most models.

You’d have a hard time finding Shark steam mop pads that are more versatile than these. With over twenty compatible models, it’s very likely that these will fit your professional steam pocket mop like a glove. Putting them on is easy, too — simply hook & loop!

These microfiber replacement pads also feature a bit of polyester, which enhances their durability and makes them dry quicker.

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  • Quick to dry and easy to use
  • 4-pack replacement that will last several months
  • Pads compatible with Shark mops of many models


  • May leave small streaks of lint

Tidy Home 8-Pack Replacement Washable Cleaning Pads

If you’re looking for something for your Professional Shark Steam Pocket S3501 or another model of the Shark Professional Steam Pocket, Tidy Home has got you covered. 

These replacement microfiber pads for Shark were designed to fit several models of the Shark Professional Steam Pocket, including S3101, S3250, and more. This is a huge 8-pack of pads for Shark Steam that will keep your mop going for months.

The microfiber pads included in these steam mop replacement pads feature a strong dirt grip that, combined with your Shark steam pocket mops function, will dispose of messes like a charm.


  • Pack replacement mop pads for Shark Professional Steam Pocket
  • Washable microfiber cleaning pads are strong and reliable
  • Genius Steam Pocket solution for replacement pads


  • Made out of slightly cheaper microfiber than the original Shark mop pads

Microfiber Replacement Cleaning Pads

eoocvt 6pcs Microfiber Replacement Cleaning Steam Mop Pads for Shark Steam Mop S3101 S3202 S3250 S3251 Spray Mops Pad

If you just want something quick and easy for your Shark electric steam mop, these pads are a good way to go. They’re affordable and easy to attach — all without compromising on quality.

These replacement mop pads for Shark are designed to use with Shark S3250, 3250, S310, and they may be compatible with other models. Their triple-layer design ensures durability and provides you with a smooth cleaning experience.

Machine-washable, these can be used repeatedly until you decide it’s time for a new pack of cleaning pads & mop heads for your Shark.

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  • Soft and thick washable microfiber mop pads
  • Cleaning pads compatible with Shark S3101 & more
  • Work well on stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood, marble, slate, ceramic, and more


  • They are prone to shrinking in the wash

Which Shark Steam Mop Model is Best?

If you’re looking to get yourself another Shark, or perhaps you still don’t own one, it’s good to know which model to shop for. There are so many to choose from that taking your pick might be more difficult than you’d like. Need a recommendation? Check out the Shark Steam Pocket Mop, a mop that is amongst the best Shark steam pocket mops, alongside the Shark Lift Away, Shark Lift Away Pro, Shark Genius Steam Pocket, & more.

This is a powerful Shark Steam Pocket steam-cleaning mop that can dispose of any messes with ease. It offers up to 99.9% sanitization, ensuring that your floors will be clean of all germs. This is especially important for families with small children. If your little one is just starting to crawl, the floors need to be as clean as possible, and Shark Steam Pocket can help with that.

This Shark Steam Pocket mop produces steam on demand and is easy to use, activating the steam with just one handle. Thanks to the swivel steering, you can reach just about anywhere, even under cupboards, tables, and chairs. Due to the use of soft microfiber pads, the mop glides smoothly across all kinds of floors, but you should limit your use to hard floor only.

Finding replacement for Shark Steam Pocket mops is remarkably easy. Replacement microfiber pads compatible with Shark Steam Pocket mops are available in many stores, most prominently Amazon. Amazon provides an easy access to washable microfiber cleaning pads compatible with Shark.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop is a powerful tool that saves you time, energy, and money. You won’t need to use any type of cleaning product ever again. Your floors will be squeaky clean just from the steam this mop produces!

Things To Consider When Buying Shark Steam Mop Pads

Buying steam mop pads might seem quite straightforward, but it’s not all as easy as that. It’s important to be mindful of a few things — otherwise, you may end up with the wrong replacement pad! 

Check out our quick tips below to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Mop Model

Shark produces dozens of steam mops, including the Professional Steam Pocket Mop, Shark S3101, S3250, S1000, S1000A, S1000C, S1000WM, S3501, S3601, S3550, S3901, Shark Steam Spray Mop, Shark Lift Away Pro, and more. As such, they won’t all be using the same replacement pads. It’s easy enough to overlook that and buy a pad that won’t fit your Shark Steam Spray mop.

Before you choose your replacement pads for Shark Steam Spray Mop, Shark Lift Away Pro, or any other Shark, make sure you check which model of Shark you’re using. Next, simply compare the number of the model to the list provided by the manufacturer. It’s not a good idea to buy a differently shaped or sized mop pad, as it will not sit well and may fall off.


The vast majority of microfiber mop pads replacement for Shark Steam are made out of washable microfiber, but this depends on the fabric. As being able to machine-wash your mop pads makes the whole process infinitely easier, it’s recommended that you shop for a set that can simply be laundered. In case you’re not familiar with washing a microfiber cloth, read our in-depth guide.


Depending on the material used in the manufacturing process, your new replacement mop pads may not work on all surfaces. The ones that your Shark came with can handle wooden floors, laminate floors, marble floors, ceramic tile, and other sealed hard floors. It’s important to pick replacements that can cover the same usage as the original Shark pads.


We’re not ready to let you go if we haven’t passed all of our knowledge! If you’re still uncertain about things, check out our handy FAQ for all the info you need on Shark steam mop pads.

Are Shark steam mop pads washable?

The Shark steam mop pads that come with your Shark Steam Pocket mops are machine-washable and can be safely washed and dried. However, even with infrequent washing, they will eventually break down and require a replacement.

Fortunately, replacement steam mop pads are usually machine-washable too, so you can save yourself the hassle of washing them by hand. Check every model before you choose to buy it — the manufacturers always disclose whether it can be machine-washed or not.

Where can I buy Shark steam mop pads?

Amazon carries a wide range of Shark steam mop pads. Thanks to complete product descriptions provided by manufacturers, you spare yourself the risk of buying the wrong thing. Most of all, the pads get delivered to your door, saving you time and energy.

How long do Shark steam mop pads last?

While this depends largely on how frequently you use your Shark steam pocket mop, the general timeframe given by Shark is around 3-4 months. This means that ideally, you should replace the pad every 3-4 months even if there is no visible wear-and-tear.


Whether you love cleaning or you have to force yourself to do it every single time, no one can object that making cleaning easier is a good thing. There’s no reason to battle it out with your old mop when a Shark Steam Pocket mop does the job faster and better.

In order to keep your Shark steam mop as effective as it can possibly be, make sure that you only choose the best steam mop replacement pads when you buy new ones. Check out the ones in our guide and enjoy your pristinely clean home!

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