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Mopping your floors can seem like an endless job, especially if you have children or pets. It seems like the moment you’re done, you turn around to find one of your freshly mopped areas needs another swipe. While we don’t have a solution to the messy nature of pets or children, we do have some insight for making the chore of mopping much less frustrating: find the best sponge mop.   Everybody knows that the tools you use for any job will make all the difference in the quality of the work and the effort that goes into it. We have compiled a list of the ten best sponge mops to help you clean your floors with minimal effort and maximum results. Let’s get started!

How We Reviewed

We compiled our list by considering factors including the quality of materials, durability, price, and how easy they were to use. After all, if a mop is too hard to use, you won’t be inspired to clean with it regularly. Whatever your floor-cleaning needs, we have no doubt the best sponge mop for you can be found here on our list. We hope we have successfully provided you with all the information you need to find your perfect sponge mop.

Overall Price Range

The overall price range of the best sponge mops begins around $20 and can go up to around $80. However, the majority of sponge mops can be found in many range. More expensive sponge mops will have a sturdier construction, often using steel handles. Mops that offer machine-washable heads also tend to be more expensive but can be a better value in the long-run as you don’t have to frequently purchase refills.

What We Reviewed

Top Sponge Mops Reviews

Quickie Automatic Sponge Mop

Next on our list of the best sponge mops is the Quickie Automatic Sponge Mop. With a 48-inch, powder-coated steel handle, you can tackle your toughest floor obstacles. This mop effectively absorbs water and soap using a combination of cellulose and cellulene, so you aren’t left with areas of excess moisture all over your floor; a plastic drainer for squeezing excess liquid from the sponge also helps in this cause. Quickie backs this mop with an impressive five-year warranty.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Power Squeeze Mop

Mr. Clean 446840 Magic Eraser Roller Mop
  • Magic Erasers deep penetrating action gets out grime and dirt trapped in grooves and surfaces
  • Highly absorbent

Mr. Clean has long been a household name when it comes to cleaning supplies, so it is no surprise to see the name on a list of the best sponge mops. This versatile sponge mop is versatile and has a textured magic eraser pad for hard-to-remove spots and stains. The mop head is easily replaced and the universal refill fits most squeeze mops. However, it is important to note that this sponge mop should not be used on hardwood floors or floors with a high-gloss finish, as the textured magic eraser pad could remove the finish on these kinds of floors.

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Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop

Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop with Handle, FGG78004
  • Front pull-lever quickly and easily squeezes the mop head dry
  • Sponge mop head absorbs liquids and cleansers quickly for effective mopping

Here, Rubbermaid offers another great PVA sponge mop with superior absorbency and resistance to harsh chemicals. A 37-inch handle allows for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and a front pull-lever allows for maximum wringing with minimal effort. While we are fans of the PVA mop head, the handle on this model is lacking; it collapses often and the screws rust easily.

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Casabella Microfiber Magnet Mop

Casabella, Microfiber Magnet Mop, 1 Count
  • Measures 58-1/2-inch long overall with 11-inch by 4-inch head
  • Machine-washable, replaceable head

Casabella offers yet another of the best sponge mops with the Wayclean. The microfiber sponge attaches with Velcro and is excellent at attracting and holding dust. Refills are available, but you won’t need them as often as you would with other mops as the sponge is machine washable. This mop uses a butterfly wringing mechanism that is easy to use, and a loop at the top of the handle offers convenient storage solutions. This mop is safe to use on any kind of floors. The only complaint we have about this mop is the price; it is far more expensive than other mops with a similar design.

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MR. SIGA Sponge Mop

MR.SIGA Sponge Mop with Super Absorbent Sponge Head and Telescopic Handle, Blue
  • Built with durable plastic and sturdy steel pole, highly absorbent and refillable sponge head, great for using on tile, marble, laminate, wood floor, keep your house dry and clean.
  • 11.5" length PVA sponge features with horizontal grooves, which remove dirt and hair efficiently. It' also suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

From Mr. Siga, we have another PVA sponge mop that is durable and highly effective for even the toughest, stickiest, greasiest messes. The mop head measures 11.5 inches, and the total length is 38.5 inches. A pull-and-lift wringing lever helps to prevent overly wet floors. The sponge easily attached and removed, and like most PVA mops, it is easy to rinse and clean. However, we felt this mop could benefit from a more sturdy handle.

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Mastertop 6L Foot Pedal Microfiber Spin Mop

MASTERTOP Spin Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set, Floor Cleaning System, Easy Wring Foot Pedal, Stainless Steel Mop Handle, 5 Microfiber Refills, 5 Cleaning Clothes, Hardwood Laminate Tiles
  • 【Wet / Dry System】: Ideal for New Year gifts! The wet or dry mop can be rotated 360°with high applicability and can reach every corner and gap of the floor. Add it to your household cleaning...
  • 【High-quality Materials】: This mop features from stainless steel handle, which is nondeformable and durable. So this mop could be used for a long term. The microfiber fiber mop, this material...

Next on our list of the best sponge mops comes from Mastertop. The sponge on this mop is ultra-absorbant and durable, with a microfiber layer that covers a large surface area compared to the average sponge mop. A butterfly wringing mechanism makes quick and easy work of expelling excess liquid, keeping your hands clean and dry. The 48-inch handle is made of durable steel with a comfort-grip. Included with the purchase of this mop is two additional replacement mop heads.

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Libman Wood Floor Sponge Mop

Libman 02026 Wood Floor Sponge Mop, 1-(Pack)
  • Extra-dry oceanic sponge provides minimal water release, protecting your wood floors, drying them out faster
  • Easy-pull wringing handle removes more water, helping your mop dry floors faster. After cleaning, hang the mop with the convenient hanger tip

Libman is a brand that has been in the cleaning game for a long time, providing USA-made cleaning products since 1896. This mop uses an extra-dry oceanic sponge, which is ideal for wood floors, providing minimal water release and ensuring faster drying. The easy-pull wringing handle also helps ensure minimal water release by allowing for easy wringing of excess liquid. While this mop is ideal for wood floors, it works well on many other surfaces. The sponge measures 10 inches and the total length of the mop is just under 55 inches. A molded hanger tip offers convenient storage.

While we had the opportunity to look at several great sponge mops, we had a few favorites.

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Best for Commercial Use

For heavy-duty messes or a sponge mop that can be used commercially, we recommend the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Power Squeeze mop. The textured magic eraser pad allows you to remove difficult messes without exerting the normal amount of effort. However, it is important to note that the power of this mop is such that it could remove the finish on your floor if it is wood or has a high-gloss finish.

Best for Wood Floors

If you have wood floors, the best sponge mop is Libman’s. The extra-dry oceanic sponge provides minimal water release so that your floors dry quickly. The texture is strong enough to clean tough messes, but gentle enough that it will not damage your wood floors. It works best when used in combination with some of the best hardwood cleaners.

Best Value

If you are looking for a good multi-purpose mop at a reasonable price, we recommend the O-Cedar EasyWring. The shape of this mop and the feature-rich bucket that is included make this mop a convenient tool for regular cleaning. We also love that the head is machine washable.

Best Overall

Our overall favorite is Casabella’s Original mop. The original mop is much more reasonably priced when compared to the other Casabella mop on this list, and it is a high-quality product. Though it is an attractive mop, the design is not meant to detract attention from its functionality. The cellulose sponge is highly absorbent and the wringing lever and sturdy steel pole ensure a long-lasting and durable mop. The lifetime warranty is a great indication of the quality of this product.

Sponge Mop FAQ

1. What Are the Benefits of Using a Sponge Mop?

One of the main benefits of sponge mops is their absorbency. Sponge mops have good absorbancy without being too absorbant. Why is being too absorbant a concern? The answer to this question is two-fold.

First, if your mop head absorbs too much of your cleaning solution, your mop will become heavy, hampering effective mopping. Second, having an excessively saturated mop head means your floors will also be very wet and will take longer to dry. This may not be a big deal to everybody, but those with wood floors need them to dry quickly to prevent damage.

2. What Do I Look for in the Best Sponge Mop?

When choosing a sponge mop, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. First, you want to make sure you have a sturdy handle, preferably made of steel. If the handle is flimsy, you may not be able to apply the force needed to remove tougher soils.    You will also want to take a look at the wringing mechanism. This usually comes down to a matter of preference, but you want to make sure that the mechanism is easy-to-use while remaining effective. A bonus to look for is convenient storage options, which is usually included by having a hanging loop on the top of the handle.

3. Where Can I Buy the Best Sponge Mop?

Sponge mops can be purchased at big-box stores, grocery stores, and hardware stores. For fans of online shopping, all the sponge mops featured on our list are available on

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