How to Clean Ceramic Floors


Cleaning ceramic floor tiles can help present your home as polished and spotless. Unlike carpeting, there are specific techniques to successfully cleaning ceramic tile. For a sparkling shine, follow these guidelines when learning how to clean ceramic tile floors.


It’s important to have all the right supplies before cleaning a ceramic floor. 

Three Essential Products

  • Marble & tile floor cleaner
  • Sturdy mop
  • Towel or microfiber cloth


A marble and tile cleaner can be found at almost any grocery store. Most cleaners work for not only ceramic tiles, but porcelain, vinyl and granite as well. Some cleaners will ask you to mix their solution with a gallon of water for the best outcome. Depending on the type of cleaner purchased, this can last for several cleanings. Since a variety of other materials can be cleaned with this type of product, you may use this in other areas of the house too.

You can also try this DIY vinegar and baking soda cleaning solution!


A good mop is crucial when cleaning ceramic floors. Old mops run the risk of spreading bacteria and microorganisms around dirty surfaces. Without a proper cleaning, these organisms can multiply. Although keeping a mop clean is important for many health reasons, choosing the right mop is key. For durability, looped-end mop heads require little cleanup. Other options including cut-end mop heads may be less expensive. When learning how to clean ceramic tile floors, the type of mop matters.


Towels or microfiber cloths come in handy after mopping. If using a towel, you may simply cover the floor while walking on top of the fabric so that it can effectively dry the entire surface. This method is ideal for those who do not want to bend down and wipe away the moisture by hand. A terry cloth is perfect for a non-streak finish on any floor.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

There are a number of benefits to cleaning ceramic floors. Aside from the many health benefits of keeping a clean surface, ceramic tiles can become scratched or damaged without proper care. Washing tiles on a weekly basis is recommended.

Five Steps to Cleaning a Ceramic Floor

Learning how to clean a ceramic tile floor does not take much time. With the proper tools and method, you can have a sparkling clean floor in a matter of minutes.

  1. Before mopping, remove any dirt or outside particles that may impede washing. By running a broom or vacuum over the tiles first, unwanted dust can effectively be eliminated. This process does not have to be as thorough as mopping and requires little time.
  2. If you decide to use a home-made cleaner, mix a small portion of mild dish detergent with hot water. This mixture should typically be made up of one part detergent to four parts water. To test the strength of this solution, use it on another surface first.
  3. Before mopping, be aware of your surroundings. Once the cleaning solution has been spread, the floor will become slippery. To avoid any accidents, dry the area soon after cleaning.
  4. Using a mop with soft fibers, slowly wipe away any dirt or grime from the tiles. Since ceramic tiles can become stained, using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide can remove discoloration.
  5. Once mopping is finished, dry the floor with either a towel or microfiber cloth to prevent unwanted streaks. Although air drying is another acceptable option, drying the floor manually is more likely to prevent accidents from occurring. Drying ceramic tiles with a towel or cloth ensures the floor is acceptable to walk on directly after a cleaning.

Why Should I Clean My Ceramic Floors Weekly?

It is recommended that ceramic floors be cleaned on a weekly basis. Because floors are frequently contaminated by bare feet or dirty shoes, mopping has many health benefits. Not only does regular mopping prevent future contamination from the spread of germs, but it can even help with your indoor air quality.

In addition to eliminating dirt and bacteria, cleaning ceramic tiles can improve the appearance of your floor. It is not uncommon for ceramic tiles to become scratched or stained. Debris, coffee and other unwanted spills can quickly dull tiling. While using doormats may help keep mud and dirt outside the home, they are not enough to prevent all discoloration. Mopping weekly can ensure a healthy atmosphere while preventing scratches and discoloration from ruining your ceramic tiles.


Learning how to clean ceramic tile floors is not a difficult process. With relatively few steps to follow, cleaning is a straightforward task that takes minimal time to complete. Like most cleaning jobs, using the right tools is essential. The most essential products to successfully clean a ceramic floor depend on how much effort you’re willing to use. For a relatively quick and easy floor cleaning, the right mop and a good cleaner make all the difference.

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