Want to try Microfiber?


I’ve recently become obsessed with microfiber cleaning. I still love all of my homemade cleaning products and still use them, but not nearly as much since I’ve found microfiber.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

This Microfiber cleaning cloth can literally clean my entire kitchen from ceiling to floor without any chemicals. That microfiber cloths clean better than any other cleaning method. After used Microfiber since no cleaning products are needed, cleaning is much faster. Since I started using microfiber, these are the biggest changes I’ve noticed:

  • Every night, my kitchen is completely spotless and it takes less than 10 minutes to do it (dishes aside…). I clean the cabinets, counters, stainless steel appliances, and even mop the floor in that time!
  • While the kids are in the bathtub each night, I clean the bathroom in about 5 minutes with the microfiber cloth I have hanging on the inside of the bathroom cabinet. Once or twice a week I still clean the toilet bowl with a regular toilet brush and some vinegar and baking soda, but the mirror, counters, shower walls, tub and floor stay clean each day.
  • Our entire house has hardwood floors and the wet and dry mop combination make sweeping and mopping much faster. The mop is pretty wide, so I can use the dry attachment to quickly sweep and the wet one to quickly mop. Since not much water is needed, it dries in a couple of minutes and no chemicals are needed.
  • I don’t feel like the house is clean unless the windows are clean, and our backdoor is glass. The Envirocloth and the polishing cloth clean the windows, so even though I have to do this daily to keep the dog nose art and kids handprints off, it doesn’t take any time and I don’t need vinegar anymore. So far, I’ve gotten crayon, coconut oil, apple sauce, mashed banana, hairspray, butter and mud off the windows with this combination!
  • Make-up removal is much faster with the body cloth, which even removes my waterproof eye makeup without a problem.
  • My kids love dusting now because the dusting mitt is so fun.
  • Since the cloths are different colors, I’ve designated one per room, so we won’t be using one that has been used in the bathroom in the kitchen or vice versa. This also makes it really easy to spot clean the entire house.

I also love that microfiber cleaning is completely environmentally friendly and extremely wallet friendly!

Why Norwex Microfiber Cleaning Cloth?

microfiber cleaning

I looked at several brands before choosing Norwex, and chose this brand for several reasons:

  1. They were the highest quality microfiber I’d seen and once I tried it myself, I was really impressed with how well they cleaned.
  2. They have a 2-year warranty! So even though I use them really hard, they’ll replace them if they stop working before that time.
  3. The natural antibac properties of the silver woven into the fibers put my mind at ease about using the same cloth over and over.
  4. Did I mention they clean really well?

I didn’t even realize just how well they cleaned until the first time I washed them. I’d been carefully rinsing them out and drying them after each use but after about 4 days, decided I needed to wash them all. I ran a mini-load of just 6 microfiber cloths that I had already rinsed out in the sink. This is what happened.

First of all that there was that much dirt in my house, but I was in shock that the microfiber had pulled out that much dirt, even after I’d rinsed it out (and only in a few days!)

I’m also convinced that I’ll save a lot of money with microfiber since I won’t even need to use natural cleaning products as much. The one downside to trying microfiber is that they are slightly more expensive up front. Norwex cloths are more expensive than the bulk pack you can get at Sam’s Club, but I’ve found that the difference is well worth it.

Even though I know they are worth every penny, I wanted to make it easier for you guys to get to try microfiber if you haven’t already.

With the Mop Set, the Household Package and the Kitchen Collection, I can literally clean my whole house from top to bottom! There’s actually a special this month on the Essentials set that would give you enough microfiber to clean the house (except the mop) for a great price.

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